The Coolidge Project
S p r e a d i n g    C o n f i d e n c e
                                              New Audience, Same Message

Why did YAHOO! spend $1.1 billion to acquire micro-blog site, Tumblr?

The answer is simple. Yahoo is perceived to be “outdated” and “out-of-touch” with a younger audience (Sound familiar GOP?) and Tumblr has more then 100 million users, who overwhelmingly fall into the 18-24 demographic.  

Conservatives, heed the power of digital.

Online, conservatism, in terms of popularity, falls somewhere between a stint in jail and a root canal. For too long, we have given up satire, humor, and mockery to the left, and they have been very good at spreading their ideas and ideals to a young demographic. Tragically, our side doesn’t seem to understand the power of digital media or how to use it to spread our message of personal and economic freedom.  

This is our Waterloo. The College Republican National Committee released a report about the Millennial Generation and the impact they have on shaping the country’s future; they noted:

President Barack Obama won 5 million more votes than Gov. Mitt Romney among voters under the age of 30 in the 2012 election. Despite Romney holding a 2 million-vote advantage over the President among voters aged 30 and older, Obama’s significant lead with the youth vote was enough to ensure his reelection.

 We must reach the Millennial Generation, and digital is the only medium to reach them. The problem is, conservative and Republican groups are not using digital media, and they’re not even talking about using it. Consider the famed “Autopsy Report” the RNC published in March. In that 219-page report, blogging, a powerful and influential tool of the Left, was not mentioned a single time. And social media sites, like Facebook and Twitter, were only mentioned once…as a fundraising platform. They completely missed the mark.

Digital is the future. The Millennial Generation does not consume media the way you do. They watch television programs and movies online. They get their news online. They communicate online. And a Millennial-focused conservative message, does not exist online. We don't need to change conservatism, we just need to change the marquee. 

So what do we have to do to reach a young, tech-savvy audience? Well, we have to distribute content where they go, and we have to produce it to their liking. Meaning, we have to make it accessible and palatable to them.

Enter, The Coolidge Project.

We will create and disseminate video bits that are short, fun, and subtly conservative. Our production partners have produced amazing video and animated pieces for decades. With their production and digital distribution experience, and the team of writers, comedians, and talented personalities we will assemble, The Coolidge Project will be able to produce conservative content presented in the comedic and satirical manner the Millennial Generation craves.

 It’s time to give Jon Stewart some true competition. Join us. 

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